"BEWARE, if you ride a bike that handles like a Greyhound bus on 2 wheels and shifts like a lawn tractor. STAY AWAY!!. Todays Indian is is so much more than we are used to in an American motorcycle. The first thing you will notice is how light the bike feels, get on the throttle and you'll notice a bunch of firsts. More power, less vibration, much less engine noise, quiet smooth shifts, great brakes and more. Take a test drive if you dare, I did and will pickup my new Cheiftain on Wednesday."
Phil - Terryville, CT
"I found the dealership before it was even on the Indian website. I met Dennis and Florence ( and later, the rest of the crew), and it was immediately obvious that this would be a perfect place to buy a bike. I didn't hesitate to put a deposit down, and now I am the very proud owner of a vintage classic."
Laurence - Richmond, MA